My Spiritual Belief System and the New Millennium

by Robert Burney

Dear ______,

In order to address some of your questions about the New Age and what I see happening in the world today, it is necessary for me to explain the Spiritual Belief System that my work is based upon. One of the reasons that humans have gotten so confused and twisted in their interpretations of reality is a lack of understanding that multiple levels, multiple perspectives, come into play in the experience of being human. It is this phenomena of multiple levels that makes life paradoxical. What appears to be tragedy from a human perspective (death for example) can be viewed from a Cosmic perspective as simply being a transition to another reality - a small part of a longer journey rather than an ending. In order to understand and make some kind of sense out of the life experience, it is important to have some understanding of the different levels. I will be explaining my belief system from three different levels/perspectives in order to try to communicate my Truth. Those levels are Cosmic, planetary, and the individual human experience.


I believe that there is a Loving Force, a benevolent Universal Intelligence, that governs the Universe. I believe that this Force is so powerful that everything happens for a reason - that there are no accidents, coincidences, or mistakes.

I believe that the Truth of who we are is Spiritual Beings having a human experience. That we are all extensions of, manifestations of, The Universal Creative Source temporarily in human bodies in order to learn and experience. We are all perfect parts of the Universal Creative Source - the God-Force, Goddess Energy, Great Spirit - we always have been, and always will be.

The God-force is the energy of ALL THAT IS vibrating at the frequency of Absolute Harmony - which is LOVE. The True Reality of the God-Force, Goddess Energy, Great Spirit, is the existence of ALL THAT IS in Absolute Peace and Harmony, Eternal Joy and Bliss in the moment of the Eternal Now. Nothing exists - has ever existed or ever could exist - separately from this Source.

This human experience we are having is a holographic illusion, a dream. . . . .

. . . . . In conclusion to the Cosmic perspective, I just want to underline the belief that is an important part of My Truth, my belief system, that this reality we are experiencing is an illusion, a dream that serves Divine Purpose. We are all ONE, we are all part of the ONENESS that is the Universal Source on a much higher level - as a part of The True Reality. This is just a dream, and as such it is important not to take it too seriously.

The God-Force has dreamt a multitude of dreams. This particular dream of human life on a planet called Earth is but one of that multitude.

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One dynamic of this particular dream is the illusion that time unfolds in a linear fashion. That the Universe had a beginning, an evolution, and may have an ending. This linear experience is an illusion created by the evolution of consciousness. In Truth, everything that has ever happened, or will ever happen, in the history of this universe is happening simultaneously and instantaneously in the dream of the Goddess Energy.

Within this illusion of linear time, there was a period of time upon the Earth where Paradise existed. A space and time in which souls could pass freely between planes and dimensions. A time in which there existed an illusion of separation (in terms of individual identity and levels of vibrational existence) but the experience of feeling separate from The Source Energy had not yet been introduced into the dream. A soul could be in the Spirit and in body simultaneously. And could experience being in any body - a fish, bird, a unicorn. They could also experience being wind, rain, and fire or the earth itself - anything was possible and everything was explored.

Approximately 100,000 years ago, in the linear time illusion, the drama of this creation dream began. Polarity was projected onto the lower mind - the energy field of Collective Human Intellectual Consciousness. . . . .


Now, to finally get to the individual level.

Each of us has lived multiple lifetimes. We have experienced every aspect of the human experience. We have all been the perpetrator and the victim, the oppressor and the oppressed, the master and the slave. In order to fully experience the illusion of being human we have all been aligned with forces of darkness and of Light. Planetary conditions dictated the human condition, and we have played all roles within the drama that has been human evolution.

Our behavior on this physical plane has been governed by the Loving law of Karma. Karma is the law of energy interaction that governs human interaction. Like all of the laws of energy interaction within this illusion, it is based on cause and effect - what you sow so shall you reap. The law of Karma dictates that every action of cause on the physical plane is paid for with a consequence of effect on the physical plane. There is no hell in an afterlife - hell is right here on Earth experiencing a reality governed by the illusion of separation from The Goddess. The law of Karma insures that everyone ends up even - that all debts are paid during the course of our human evolutionary journey.

We choose our paths in this lifetime in order to settle the Karma we needed to settle. . . . .


Now, to address some of your questions.

First, considering the growing crime rate and environmental pollution and the overall rise in negative energies, do you really think that humanity is evolving? Or is more of a regression?

. . . . . .

How do you envision the human society of the future?

. . . . .

New Age and its soul-expanding concepts have, over the years, acquired a sheen of superficiality that has reduced the movement per se to a joke. How do you think New Age should evolve to maintain its respect and integrity as a viable alternative philosophy?

. . . . .

Any other comments you would like to share with us?


This page is no longer available on the regular web site. To view this page, it is now necessary to pay a fee for access to the Dancing in Light section of On this page are quotes from, and section headings of, the original article. The page with information on how to subscribe is Dancing in Light.